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MTA Tennis arena (Zhulyany) courts

The MTA Tennis Arena, located next to the Zhulyany International Airport, is not only a convenient venue for holding various format tournaments in tennis in Kyiv, but also a modern sports complex providing a service to people of Kyiv of any age with the opportunity to join this exciting sport. To date there is a branch of our Academy which prepares professional athletes, a school of tennis for people of different ages and a tennis club\courts in Zhulyany. Anyone who loves activity and a healthy lifestyle can come here to play tennis on professional courts.
The MTA (Zhulyany)courts, and their features
At the MTA Tennis Arena, 63 Vozduhoflotsky Avenue, there are 13 different courts, indoor and outdoor, professional grounds or hard coating,with or without stands.
All courts comply with international standards and can be used for tournaments of various levels.

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