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International Tennis Academy

International Tennis academy

Fitness center in the International Tennis Academy
Fitness centers in Kiev – are equipped with special shells and simulators, where they conduct
training athletes and adherents of a healthy lifestyle. In recent years, the fitness club is strong
entered the life of modern business people, because without a good physical form it is impossible
to withstand stressful situations that inevitably arise in responsible work.

Our advantages
Tennis courts
Trainers stuff
Comforte campus
Medical according
Comfortable hotel
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of the academy
Purpose of the Academy

Disclosure of the potential of a tennis player in the process of his professional growth and development; achievement of higher sports results. At the stage of acquaintance with the player, technical and tactical and physical diagnostics are carried out. Based on identified strengths and areas of proximal development, it is determined: the game level, the corresponding training group and training program.

We provide
Integrated training training for the entrant in tennis and physical training
Preparation for the TOEFL and SAT exams
Shooting a tennis video for the portfolio
Individual selection of the university in accordance with the tennis and academic level
Help with employment
Assistance in registering in the NCAA and NAIA leagues (registration in these leagues will allow you to determine what period of time is allowed for playing at the university, from 1 to 4 years)
Assistance in preparing documents for admission to the university
Assistance in obtaining a visa and obtaining a document I-20
Support and help in different situations
* There are no more than three people in a group.
** The program can be weekly or annual with
monthly payment.
Programs (with the number of hours per week):
Program Tennis general physical training Theory Pool
Junior 2 14 2 2 2
Junior 1 14 2 2 2
Pro Level 2 14 2 2 2
Pro Level 1 14 2 2 2
Individual Fillability with individual wishes
Tournament shedule
Tennis lessons for adults in Kiev Tennis in Kiev offers great opportunities for all modern energetic people. This sport became really available only in recent years, when there were professionally trained coaches and high-tech sports facilities. Indoor tennis courts that meet international standards allow you to conduct classes regularly, including in inclement weather, which is very important for the development of gaming equipment.
Secondary education
School-boarding MTA
The International Tennis Academy offers general secondary education in schools close to the academy:
For additional information please call: senior teacher Svetlana Vasilievna
(067) 555 00 34
Higher education

Higher education in the United States is considered one of the best in the world. And you know that American universities necessarily pay attention to non-program achievements of entrants: in sports, art, public work; and accept those who have especially shown initiative and those who, they believe, will add brightness and diversity to the life of the university. At the same time, not only the level, but also the field of achievements is considered, and tennis takes a weighty position here.

Medical service

Tennis lessons for children within the framework of an individual training program for the future tennis player provide for mandatory medical support. The International Tennis Academy employs highly qualified medical personnel. Doctors with a topical specialization for tennis academy. Experienced average and junior medical staff. In the building of the fitness club there are special rooms intended for medical support of the training process. The doctor and the nurse are constantly on duty here. The offices are equipped with modern diagnostic and manipulation equipment


Tennis is an energy-consuming sport. Specialists say that for one minute of the game the tennis player spends 15 kcal, and for the game can lose 2-3 kilograms of his weight. Therefore, the calorific value of athlete’s nutrition during training or competition should be about three times higher than in normal life. In the International Tennis Academy proper nutrition is given special attention. This applies to a balanced healthy diet, and professional cooking conditions, and flexible, convenient service schedule.


The Campus of the International Tennis Academy is a comfortable modern four-story hostel with 200 seats. The campus is built on a block principle. In each block: two rooms, a modern bathroom, a dressing room and a small hallway. Each room has two or three beds, a chest of drawers, a table, a wardrobe and chairs.

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