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School - MTA Guesthouse

School – MTA Panorama – a space that unites the necessary elements
oriented education and upbringing of a child of the 21st century Once (and, possibly, not
one day)
Each parent faces a problem – which school to choose for his child.

Model of school - pansion ITA
Sports education
Art enviroment
5 components
of the education
in school
pansion ITA
Art environment in school pansion ITA
Working with a child psychologist
Mature themed games
Quizzes, educational games and quests
Excursions and cultural events
Pedagogical support and tutoring
Educational partner
on-line school "Optima"
License of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine
The school program according to the state sample
Individual training schedule
Assimilation of the material in the form of a dative game
Transparent online monitoring system for teachers and parents
Possibility of obtaining additional professional skills
We want give the child:
Physical health and lay the foundation of "physical
Media literacy and information health skills
Ecological thinking
Creativity, adaptability to changes in the external environment, skills
Самостійність, навичкиь к лідерства та відповідальність
General Education
for kids of the ХХI century
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