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  • After all, many high-ranking people on our planet admire tennis.In addition, tennis - one of the first official Olympic sports.
  • With all the undeniable benefits, tennis has one negative aspect. We are talking about possible injuries.
  • Experts identify five of the most common injuries in tennis: "tennis" elbow, ankle sprain, rupture of the Achilles tendon, stress fracture, rotator cuff injury.
  • The International Tennis Academy has all the appropriate conditions to minimize the risk of injury. This includes the latest and most secure types of tennis courts. And professional coaches whom develop individual training program, based on the general physical level of the athlete.
  • When necessary, we offer excellent sports rehabilitation. Experienced professionals develop a customized program to recover from injury. Pool, exercise equipment, physiotherapy room, sports massage.
  • A full complex of recovery techniques – for your health!

19 courts

with 4 types
of coatings