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Tennis in Kyiv offers great opportunities for all modern energetic people. This kind of sports became truly accessible in Ukraine only in recent years, after professionally trained trainers and high-tech sports base MTA. Indoor tennis courts according to international standards, allow to conduct classes regularly, even with bad weather, which is very important for the development of gaming technique.

Fitness club

The fitness center of the International Tennis Academy in Kyiv is well-equipped fitness studios with special fitness tools and sports equipment where the athlets and healthy lifestyle followers conduct their trainings. In recent years, MTA fitness club entered the life of modern business people, because it’s really hard to cope with stress caused at work without good physical condition.

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tennis academy
was opened in 2015 in a capital of Ukraine – Kyiv

Goals and objectives of the International Tennis Academy:
organization of a professional tennis center for teaching children;
creating a progressive fitness club located in a unique natural area with healing air and life-giving water; holding competitions and tournaments on the territory of the International Tennis Academy;
organization of a high school boarding school with online training and an active sports component

The MTA school
The MTA school is a space that unites the necessary elements for the person-oriented education and upbringing of a child of the 21st century
General educational
for children of the 21st century

The International Tennis Academy in Kyiv offers an interesting and varied program of active leisure during the school holidays. We hold tennis, sports and fitness camps, where your children can master the basics of such an exciting and aristocratic sport as “Tennis” in a short time.

The International
has created excellent conditions for active rest of schoolchildren during the holidays

School holidays: what are we waiting for from them? Children. They want to actively rest. They are hungry for new meetings, acquaintances, sensations. They love nature and space. Parents. Take care of the safety of the child. They want him to be as healthy as possible and rested for a short time. They dream to introduce him to a new sport with the help of enthusiastic professionals

Your rest at the International Tennis Academy is comfortable and pleasant:
New rooms in modern design
Careful service
A small distance from the center of Kiev Guarded parking
Soft forest air
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Summer terrace with outdoor pool
Delicious menu from a talented chef
Sports pool with perfectly purified water
Stylish fitness club
Tennis courts with a variety of professional coatings
Finnish sauna
Free Wi-Fi
In the MTA do not smoke!
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